“Walking In Your Season”

Walking in Your Season is Tina’s first publication.  This book gives insight and encouragement on living this thing called life, from season to season.


Excerpt from the book: “I once was mad with someone and my Granny noticed me avoiding this person and my Granny said to me “that person has moved on with their life, and happy, while you sit here all balled up in anger”. From that day on I realized forgiveness is not for the person who has wronged you, but it is for the person who has been wronged. It is a way of releasing something, dropping weights off your back, putting down some unneeded bags. This allows you to free yourself from being angry; the opposite of anger is compassion. God has compassion for you every time you ask Him for forgiveness because you have been wrong or wrong another person. Sometimes it means us stepping into someone else’s shoes, look at the situation from their perspective, it may not take away the hurt- but it can give you a better understanding of the entire situation and not only see things from your own point of view. In a court case aren’t both sides given an opportunity to give their own perspective before a verdict is rendered? It takes you understanding, not necessarily liking, but being aware of the others side. Being negative and holding on to hurts, wrongs, and bad feelings takes way too much energy. Most times we feel like if we let it go, we have allowed the person who has wronged us a free pass per say to do it again, not so. You can voice your hurt and move on! Moving on allows you to let go of negative energy that can eat up your insides. (taken from page 79)”