It's Hard Sometimes!

It's hard living a life not knowing if you will wake up with all parts of your body working....its hard waking up to a constant pain that never ceases, its hard waking up and laying there 30-45 more minutes some days hours waiting for the pain to calm so I can sit up on my own in bed...its hard waking up and not being able to put my feet on the floor when I want too....its hard to look at my baby girl who's first words every morning are 'I Love You Mommie" and mask the pain the best way I know how so her little 4 year old mind is not worried about Mommie during her day at school, it's hard going to bed at night not knowing if I will open my eyes when the morning sun rises to a new day.....These are the worries of a woman living with sickle cell disease who needs blood from other people because my blood is like black crude oil that clogs my veins and arteries and the red blood cells don't exist but 14 days but they have a tendency of wreaking havoc where they do not belong.....I'm a Beautiful Black Woman living with a disease that does not care to know my name, my goals, my aspirations, or that I want to watch my little girl grow into a beautiful woman.....
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****If only you could feel the pinch in the shoes I must wear everyday, you just might refuse to walk!  But I refuse to give up because no matter the pain I'm still a Mommie who has to find a way to walk in the shoes God has given me!