Handshakes Can Be Deadly

Can you refuse to shake someone’s hand to stay healthy? Think about it! People use their fingers and hands to do many things across the day like nose picking, using both ends of a toothpick in their mouth, digging in the ears, wiping themselves after using the restroom, rubbing pets, blowing their nose, unknowingly touching a sick person, and coughing and sneezing into their hands. If you give some thought to it, you just might develop a germ phobia for touching others.

 According to a study conducted by WebMd, more men than women leave the bathroom without washing their hands and those who wash their hands don’t wash correctly. Anytime you can wash your hands after any type of interaction it is best to wash your hands, but if you do not have the option to wash your hands then use alcohol based hand sanitizer or hand wipes.

 It seems that most people do not know how to wash their hands! Turn on the water to a very warm setting and use enough soap to create a lather then wash both sides (front and back) of the hands, along the sides (left and right), in between the fingers, under the finger nails, and don’t forget your wrists; this is the correct way to wash your hands. Use paper towels that you pulled out before hand and dry your hands also using the towel to open the door. Now, some places are trying to become environmentally conscience and cut costs by eliminating the paper towels and placing a hand dryer in restrooms. According to Daily Mail Online, dryers harbor microbes and can blast germs into atmosphere so your hands are dirty all over again. I suggest you take paper towels with you folded up nicely in your pocket or purse or if you notice there are no paper towels when you enter the restroom bring toilet tissue with you from your stall to dry your hands.

 One handshake can cause you many problems in the long run if the person you are greeting does not wash their hands. Try to keep your hands out of your face so you do not spread germs to your mouth, nose, or ears. President Obama got it right with the fist bump; some people do an elbow bump, but for your own health and those you love, wash your hands on a regular basis! Maybe the instructions from my Mama as a child still hold true today, “Just keep your hands to yourself.”