Built For This

We can move through life so swiftly that we forget our primary reasons for being on this earth are to be a servant, help others along the way, and be some type of catalyst for positive change to take place. However, we second guess ourselves and wonder if the things we say and do even have any type of effect on anyone. It’s in that split second when we must make a crucial decision that we think to ourselves,” should I say or do this”? Life has a funny way of causing us to lose sight and comprehension of our end goal. So instead of doing what your first thought (or some may call it your first mind) tells you, because we have been built for that very moment, we tend to drop the ball we’ve been carrying for so long. Sometimes change can be right at the tip of your fingers or lounges, but instead we decide to hold back and essentially hold back an opportunity to make a huge difference in one person or many people’s lives.

 I love the commercial that says “we are built Ford tough”! We don’t realize how resilient, hard, and solid we really are; to the point of being able to endure tragedies, withstand losses, overcome scratches, live through bruising, and work through the dents along the way. But in the midst of being built in such a way we don’t realize our worth, value, or even the God given ability to move forward in spite of the bumps along the way. It is so sad but true that we need a magic eraser to erase all of the wrongs, the bad things, and the way of thinking so that the growth is not stunted and forward movement continues to take place. However, God can and will use the most unlikely people, situations, and things to make even beautiful flowers come up strong through concrete cracks.

 In our ignorant, stupid, and scary way of thinking God reminds us that all is not lost because you did not take that leap of faith to ignite change. God always allows us (as long as we still have breath in our bodies) to start over by giving us many chances to do what He has appointed us individually to do and learn to manage our fears. Prayer is the only weapon we have that can help those silent screams of despair that lie deep within. We will stop dwelling on the what if’s, and come to the realization that they are only avenues to possibilities. The trick is knowing which avenue is the right one to take. Just remember that you have the best GPS on board and the brand is God so you don’t run into dead ends, rocky roads, traffic jams, and accidents. You are indeed built “God tough” for this journey no matter how long the journey may be, where God sends you, or what time of day you have to roll out- you are built for this!